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What Are You Tolerating?

What exists in your life right now that isn’t quite the way you’d like it to be?   You know... those little things you put up with that you’ve been meaning to fix, but haven’t? Those things that you keep swearing you will to get to. . .   

Maybe it’s the clutter piled up in your office, bedroom or your car.  Maybe it's something in your home you've been meaning to fix.  Or maybe it is something bigger – like a home that doesn’t meet your needs for the season you are entering or a car payment that's too high for your budget.   

The things in our lives that are out of alignment are more than just annoyances.  They actually drain energy and distract us from crafting our best life.  

Why don't you grab a cup of tea and start to write down things you are tolerating.  Take a sheet of paper or open a word doc and begin to make a brain dump.  I've listed various categories to think about to help you get started.   Here we go!

  • HealthFinances
  • Personal Relationships/Family
  • Personal Environment (home, office, your "space" etc.)
  • Work/Business
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development (self-care. personal growth, habits etc.)
  • Equipment/Technology

In a follow-up blog I'll discuss next steps to think about after you've made your list.  I'd love to hear how this exercise went for you!  

If you need help priming the pump here are some examples: 

  1. Messy closets
  2. Friendships that are not reciprocal
  3. Poor communication with your spouse/partner
  4. Appliances that need to be fixed
  5. Walls need to be painted
  6. Car needs a tune up
  7.  Don’t have a church home
  8. Need to improve my skill level on the computer
  9. Don’t like your job
  10. Not exercising
  11. Inadequate salary
  12. Unorganized reciepts 

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