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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AVANTI Tribe?
We are an online personal growth community, committed to creating a space for intentional, encouraging and authentic conversations. This is a space for you to lean into personal growth, supported with resources and peers, so that you can craft your best life, whatever that looks like for you.

Why are you starting Avanti Tribe?
We have LOVED connecting with our community through regular workshops and virtual seminars. But every time we did an event, we ran into dozens of topics and questions that we wished we could dive into together, but time never allowed.

That’s why we started AVANTI. So we can tackle learning together on an ongoing basis. This is meant to fit into your regular life. Constant, small steps toward personal growth add up over time.


When and how will this fit in my schedule?
The pace of AVANTI will be slower than our 5 Day Challenge, so that it fits into your everyday. Progress every week, and a FB group you can hop into every day if you want to.

Each week’s video challenge will be available in your dashboard for you to watch whenever works for you. You can work through your journal at your own pace. The Facebook group will be active everyday, so you can join the conversation on your own time.

We are big on Grace Over Guilt. That means we honor every minute that you show up to spend on personal growth. Every chance you take to reflect, ask questions and move towards crafting your best life is incredibly valuable. It is never wasted.


Are you still hosting virtual workshops?
Yes we are! If you’ve been to one of our Working Smart workshops, you know how much fun they are. We will still be hosting a workshop every single quarter, and they are included in your AVANTI Tribe membership. The average price for a virtual workshop was about $79 dollars, and 3 months of AVANTI membership at the founding member price is only $84. That means you get access to this tribe, and to Charlene and Justin, on an ongoing basis for the same price as a workshop. Pretty exciting!


Who is this for?
Everyone. Everyone and anyone who is ready to invest some regular time and energy into their own growth, and to engage authentically with a tribe on a shared journey.


Is it affiliated with a specific company?
No. AVANTI Tribe isn’t tied to any company. Charlene has earned the financial freedom to craft her best life through Shaklee. You can learn more here, but we won’t be talking about Shaklee specifics in this group. HOWEVER, these themes, and the concept of skilling up, are vitally important for any entrepreneur or business owner!

If you are looking for Charlene’s Shaklee resources, like the 5x5 Reset or Matrix 24, you can find them here.


Why an online community?
Why not? Seriously, though, it’s important that you find a community to provide support, encouragement and accountability on your personal growth journey. By hosting Avanti online, we can all focus on monthly themes and weekly challenges together. If you already have a supportive tribe, we are so excited for you!


Who is Charlene Fike?
Our AVANTI Maven. You can read more here, or visit her website here.


What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel at any time. We recommend you cancel at least 24 hours before your billing cycle is due. You can read how to cancel within your account settings HERE.

If you join us as a Founding Member but choose to cancel you'll lose your Founding Member rate. At any point afterwards that you choose to rejoin us you'd register at the current membership cost.


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