The Only Person Who Can Manage Your Time is You! Take Control of Your Calendar on April 13th and 18th HERE

Become a Calendar Architect // April 2019

  • Do you struggle to make room for the important in the midst of the hectic and urgent?
  • Do you find it easy to set goals, but difficult to make the space to consistently achieve them?
  • Do you often wonder if there could be a better way to organize your time and commitments?

If so, then our upcoming virtual workshop on Become a Calendar Architect will be a perfect resource for you!

Although it can often feel as though there's simply never enough time, we all know that we each enjoy the same number of hours in the day. So why is that some people seem able to consistently stay on top of their schedule as they achieve their goals, while others struggle to keep up with the demands of their life and commitments?

Becoming a Master Calendar Architect isn't a gift that some are born with, it's a skill that anyone can develop.

But, just like any other skill, that takes practice, dedication, and most of all, guidance from an expert to help you identify where and how to invest your time and energy as you learn.

That's why Charlene Fike is hosting this workshop with her son Justin. Between them they have successfully launched and maintained over ten businesses while still managing to maintain a healthy space for life, relationships, rest, and fun along the way.

In this workshop they'll share practical and time-tested tools like:

  • Prioritizing your calendar and commitments based on your vision
  • Simple, big-picture time blocking that can flex to suit any schedule
  • Effective communication techniques to keep your world from disrupting your calendar
  • One huge key to consistently achieving your goals. Hint: it's not better time management!
  • And more!

So come join us on Saturday, April 13th or Thursday, April 18th for a day that will transform the way you think about your time and calendar.


The virtual workshop will be held on April 13th or 18th from 10am to 5pm Eastern. There will be plenty of break time scheduled into the day for you to work on exercises and attend to anything you need to do during the day.


The virtual workshop will be run as a Zoom webinar, and the recording will be made available afterwards for you to review or catch up on any parts that you missed.


Anyone and everyone! This is perfect for entrepreneurs and leaders who feel overwhelmed and overscheduled. It's perfect for dreamers who have a vision that they "don't have time for." This is for anyone who is too busy to craft the life they want.


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