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Executive Circle + AVANTI Tribe Membership

Are you looking for something more? Ready to aggressively engage your growth, but not sure where to begin or how to proceed? Then joining our Avanti Executive Circle might be the perfect step for you!

The Avanti Executive Group is a small circle of truly committed lifelong learners.

As a member you'll participate in bi-weekly group coaching calls to help you take our monthly Avanti focus even further, as well as focused individual coaching sessions each month to help you dig into and tackle your personal priorities. Personal coaching, in-depth resourcing, and connections with a core group of peers, all for a lot less than professional coaches typically cost. What are you waiting for?

Executive Group membership includes:

  • EVERYTHING included in the Avanti Tribe Membership plus
  • Membership in a hand-selected group of no more 8 people
  • Bi-weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions (on video chat) to connect, laugh, and process together around our current Avanti theme
  • Monthly 45 minute personal coaching call targeted to address your specific priorities and help you pursue your vision for your life
  • Additional in-depth resourcing to help you overcome obstacles and establish a personal growth plan to keep you moving forward


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